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Refereed Paper Tracks

The Refereed Paper Track is the core event of WWW10 where Web researchers and practitioners discuss and disseminate the most innovative advancements in Web technology. The technical papers in the track will present original reports of substantive new work from a wide variety of Web-related research areas including:applications and user interfaces; browsers and tools; content and coding; e-commerce and security; hypermedia; languages and standards; mobile agents and wireless access; performance, reliability, and scalability; practice and experience; searching, querying, and indexing; and web and education. The work presented will be theoretical (models, analyses, techniques, semantics), empirical (experiments, experiences, case studies), and implementation-oriented (new systems, paradigms, tools, methodologies, user interfaces). Awards for Best Paper and Best Presentation will be presented at the conference. For more information, please contact the Program Co-Chairs at papers@www10.org.hk.

Tutorials and Workshops

A program of tutorials will cover topics of current interest in the areas of Web design, development, services, operation, use, and evaluation. Subjects will include, for example, XML, SMIL, Web security, E-commerce, metadata, mobile Web, wireless access, and P3P. These half- and full-day sessions will feature internationally recognized experts.

WWW10 workshops will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to explore current R&D issues in a focused group. All workshops will be organized separately by a workshop organizing committee that will seek interesting and relevant topics for the workshops. Participants can present their position statements and hold intensive discussions with their peers in the workshops. The Call for Participation for Tutorials and Workshops is now closed. For more information on Tutorials, please contact the Co-Chairs at tutorials@www10.org.hk. For more information on Workshops, please contact the Co-Chairs at workshops@www10.org.hk.

Panels Track

Panel sessions at WWW10 will provide an interactive forum for lively discussion of important and controversial issues. Experts from academia, industry, and government will present opposing viewpoints on topics such as privacy on the web, content regulation and censorship, and virtual universities. Panels will be presented in several individual or combined sessions within the specialized conference tracks (i.e., Culture, E-commerce on the Web, Web and Education, Web Internationalization, and the Web and Society). For more information, please contact the Track Chair at panels@www10.org.hk.

Developers' Day

Developers' Day will be devoted to the interests of Web developers, and will offer in-depth discussions of topics at the forefront of Web technologies. This day-long program will consist of several parallel streams, and will provide an opportunity for Web developers and practitioners to discuss material of specific interest to them, including new software, protocols, and hardware. The sessions will be as timely as possible, and the content will represent the state of the art. Topics will include, but not be limited to, XML, multi-lingual applications, and wireless applications. There will be no Call for Participation for this conference event. For more information, please contact the Track Co-Chairs at developers@www10.org.hk.


The exhibition will be held in a large hall adjacent to the meeting rooms. Exhibitors will display the latest Web-related hardware, software, tools, and services. For more information about exhibiting, please send a message to exhibitors@www10.org.hk.

Poster Track

The Poster track will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to learn about innovative work in progress, and to preview late-breaking research results. It will also encourage researchers and practitioners to present their recent research work on the Web. Accepted posters will be displayed in a dedicated poster area, and presented during a poster reception. Abstracts will appear in a separate proceedings distributed to conference attendees. Best Poster Award will be presented at the conference. If you are interested in submitting a poster proposal, please click here. For more information about poster submissions, please contact the Track Chair at posters@www10.org.hk.

Culture Track

The Culture Track will explore communities and collections in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, diversified World Wide Web. It will include papers and posters that provide case-studies, theories, or research data that will help realize the full potential of the Web for advancing and protecting cultural inclusion and community engagement. In particular, distributed institutional and indigenous communities will be encouraged to send brief summaries of Web-related activities for consideration for inclusion in panel sessions. If you are interested in participating in this event, then please click here. If you still have questions about submitting to the Culture Track, then please contact the Culture Track Chair at culture@www10.org.hk.

E-Commerce on the Web Track

The pervasive connectivity of the Internet and the powerful architecture of the World Wide Web have created a tremendous opportunity for conducting business on the Internet. The terms e-commerce and e-business have been used to describe those systems and technologies that make conducting business on the Internet effective and possible.

The way in which commerce will be conducted in the future has been revolutionized by the Internet, whether it is business-to-customer or business-to-business. As e-commerce gradually permeates our daily life, many issues still need to be addressed including: e-marketing and supply chain management; legality and security; payment and personalization; and mobile commerce and wireless trading.

The goal of the E-Commerce on the Web track is to provide the opportunity to engage the world-class experts in this field to share with attendees their expertise and views of research and study on e-commerce and e-business. The invited speakers will cover a wide spectrum of subject matter including e-commerce trends, e-marketplace technologies, intellectual property rights, and mobile commerce.

There will be no Call for Participation for this conference event.

Vendors Track

The Vendors Track will provide WWW10 attendees with an opportunity to hear directly from the companies whose commercial products shape the World Wide Web that we each experience. Presentations will be technical, and focused on how W3C and other standards are supported in commercial products. Presentations that provide a technical vision for the future of the Web will also be considered. Presentations from exhibitors will be preferred, to enable attendees to engage the presenter/exhibitor in more detailed discussions. If you are interested in participating in this event, please click here. If you still have questions about submitting to the Vendors Track, please contact the Vendors Track Chair at vendors@www10.org.hk

Web and Education Track

Incorporating the 7th Hong Kong Web Symposium, the Web and Education track aims to provide a forum for researchers and educators to share their experience in the use of Web technology in education. Preferred topics include, but are not limited to pedagogy of Web-based learning, virtual classroom, infrastructure support for distance learning, Web-based course delivery systems, collaborative learning, corporate training, and authoring tools. For more information, please contact the Track Co-Chairs at education@www10.org.hk.

Web and Society Track

The Web is not just a technical achievement or an economic phenomenon -- it also changes the way people interact and live. This track concentrates on these changes. The topics of interest include privacy, social communication, entertainment, study, worship, intellectual property concerns, the importance of language, whether locality is meaningful in the Web era, and, of course, sex on the Web. For more information, please contact the Web and Society Track Chair at society@www10.org.hk.

Web Internationalization Track

The Internationalization Track itself will provide focused sessions on topics such as multilingual Web site creation and management, multilingual search, translations on and for the Web, and multilingual identifiers. Internationalization-related topics will not be restricted to the Internationalization Track; but will be included in the other parts of WWW10 as well. For more information, please contact the Track Chair at internationalization@www10.org.hk.

W3C Track

W3C, formed and directed by the inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, as a co-sponsor of WWW10, will make its annual public presentation on work completed during the year. Over 30 working groups produce a range of specifications in areas such as XML architecture, through technologies that support the separation of presentation and content; the creation of a Web of Trust, through work on privacy and digital signatures; device independence and accessibility; and the development of the Semantic Web. There will be no Call for Participation for this conference event.

Last Updated: January 29, 2001