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Important Dates:

  • Proposal submission deadline:
- Closed
  • Proposer notification:
- January 19, 2001

We welcome proposals for Panels, either for a plenary session or for the specialized tracks (Culture; E-commerce on the Web; Web and Education; Web Internationalization; and the Web and Society). Panels could combine two or more tracks.

Panels should address hot and, preferably, controversial topics to stimulate lively, thoughtful, provocative point/counter-point discussion. Examples of topics might include Privacy on the Web; Content Regulation and Censorship; and Virtual Universities.


Proposals for Panels should specify:

  • Panel Title
  • Panel Objective
  • Panel Format (e.g. moderator introduction + brief position statements + discussion + closing statements from panelists and moderator)
  • The names and expertise of the panelists
  • Panel length (preferably 90 minutes)

Please append brief vitae for moderator and each panelist, from whom prior approval to participate should be obtained.

Please send Proposals for WWW10 Panels to Tony Eastham, Panels Chair, or fax to +852-2358-0297.

Last Updated: September 25, 2000