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The WWW10 Refereed Paper Tracks will be held on Wednesday, May 2 through Friday, May 4, 2001. Refereed Paper Tracks Technical papers will be refereed by an International Program Committee, and the Proceedings published by Elsevier Science B.V. Submitted papers should present original reports of substantive new work in areas that can be theoretical (models, analyses, techniques, semantics), empirical (experiments, case studies), or implementation-oriented (new systems, tools, methodologies, user interfaces). Papers should properly place the work within the field, cite related work, and clearly indicate the innovative aspects of the work and its contribution to the development of the World Wide Web. Best Paper, Best Presentation and Student Travel awards will be given at the conference.

  • Paper submission:
- Closed

No new registration is accepted. If you have already registered your paper and have an approved extension from an area vice chair or program chair, you can upload your file to the paper database directly. No submissions will be accepted via email.

  • Author notification:
- January 19, 2001
  • Final paper due:
- February 19, 2001

The following is a partial list of topics of interest:

  • Hypertext and hypermedia
  • Web accessibility
  • Intelligent agents
  • Resource management
  • http and beyond
  • Performance and reliability
  • Interoperability
  • Propagation, caching, replication
  • Real-time multimedia support
  • Reliability and error recovery
  • Electronic commerce
  • Agent technologies
  • Web navigation strategies
  • Multimedia and streaming
  • Computer graphics
  • Browsers and tools
  • Web applications
  • Content and coding
  • Querying and indexing
  • XML
  • Web characterization
  • Languages and standards
  • Scalability of web servers
  • Intelligent search engines
  • User interface and interactions
  • Distributed objects
  • Metadata on the Web
  • Architecture issues
  • Naming and resolution
  • Privacy and preferences
  • Internationalization/ Mulitilinguism

All authors are required to submit their papers in either html or pdf format.

Papers submitted in html format must incorporate the following CSS into the <head> of their html document. A sample paper utilizing the CSS can be found here. (Note that the size of this sample paper is much shorter than the allowed size limit.)

All papers submitted in pdf format must adhere to the following pdf guidelines.

The following is a list of tracks and their relevant topics of interest:

A note on accessibility issues:

  • Whenever appropriate, authors are encouraged to comment on accessibility as it relates to their paper.
  • Are the technologies, standards or practices you are discussing accessible to individuals who use alternative display or control systems (e.g., people who have disabilities)?
  • For more information please see http://www.w3.org/WAI/
Last Updated: November 15, 2000