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Wednesday, May 2
V1 14:30-16:00
IPR Systems & Reuters
  • Digital Rights Management on the Web   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Dr. Renato Iannella, IPR Systems Pty Ltd
  • NewsML - A Revolution in News   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Dr. Kaj Wik Siebert, Reuters
V2 16:30-18:00
Systek & Engenia
  • Application XML Enabling - A Holistic Approach   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Daniel Chan, Systek Information Technology Ltd
  • Developing Collaborative Applications for the Peer Web using Adaptive XML   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Jeffrey Kay, Engenia Software Inc
Thursday, May 3
V3 14:30-16:00
kanhan.com & IONA
  • Resolving Infrastructural Problems in Chinese Information Exchange Using the Web   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Patrick Tsang, kanhan.com
  • Towards Total Business Integration: The XMLbus   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Manfred Koethe, IONA Technologies Inc
V4 16:30-18:00
Microsoft & iSilk
  • XML and Microsoft - Standards Leadership & Toolset Innovation - Focusing on the Developer   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Allen Brown, Paul Cotton and Michael Rys, Microsoft
  • The Understanding Web: Natural Language Technologies and Internet Agents   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Dr. Dekai Wu, iSilk
Friday, May 4
V5 10:30-12:00
Singingfish.com & RealNetworks
  • Internet Streaming Media Metadata Interchange with MPEG-7   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Eric Rehm, Singingfish.com
  • Implementing Streaming Media Standards with RealSystem   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Rob Lanphier, RealNetworks
V6 13:15-14:45
Lotus & IBM
  • Accelerating e-Learning Interoperability - Introducing the CLEO Lab   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Tyde Richards, Lotus
  • Enabling DB2 Applications for the Next Generation Web and e-Commerce - Introduce IBM DB2 XML Extender   [HTML] [PowerPoint]
    - Dr. Jane Xu, IBM

Last Updated: May 7, 2001