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CP1 Wednesday, May 2 10:30-12:00
Digital Institutions and Cultural Resources Session Chair: Liddy Nevile
Discussion Topic:

museums, galleries, libraries, religious orders as digital institutions, the practicalities of becoming digital, organising the collection the practical techniques that made it possible to develop a significant, high-quality online gallery and the associated discovery activities.

Note the paper marked * is a refereed paper. All presentation will be given 30 minutes for presentation.

C2 Wednesday, May 2 14:30-16:00
Changing Practices and Experiences

Session Chair:Patricia Gillard

Discussion Topic:
Supporting the virtual visitor - new forms of cultural participation, what do the participants want? scholarly life redefined, digital arts and remote participation - the art - the experience - learning to achieve new forms of culture with new economics - how does online participation fit with physical presence - can museums/publishers afford to give away their offerings?
C3 Wednesday, May 2 16:30-18:00
Online Arts

Session Chair: Kim Machan

Discussion Topic:
This will be a session in which artists' work will be presented and there will be discussion about the web as a medium for artistic performance.
C4 Thursday, May 3 10:30-12:00
Promoting the Future of Online Culture
Session Co-chairs:
Eleanor Fink - Worldbank
Alfredo Ronchi - Politecnico di Milano

See more information about this session.

Discussion Topic:
The dynamics of the World Wide Web are leading to a proliferation of institutional web sites and culture nets aimed at simplifying access to who we are and what we do. New business models are emerging as vehicles for providing educational access to images of art and culture. In the coming decade, where are we headed in respect to online culture? What are the issues, policies, and information requirements for the 21st century? This session will act as a workshop for ideas and opportunities. The report from this workshop will be presented at the forthcoming G8 meeting.
C5 Thursday, May 3 14:30-16:00
Standards? Session Chair: Liddy Nevile
Discussion Topic:
This is a track plenary about standards: why are there so many; what purposes do they achieve; what is their future? discovery, classification, access, IP, interoperability, censorship, authentication, internationalisation, privacy and safe participation, inclusivity - WAI, summaries of standards activities and what they are contributing? are standards the new international laws? who's making them, who's using them, how do they work - or don't they? and if they do, for whom?
C6 Thursday, May 3 16:30-18:00
New Forms of Cultural Participation Session Chair: Sarah Kenderdine
Discussion Topic:
In this Track plenary, discussion will focus on new forms of cultural participation from the perspective of those getting involved and those providing or supporting the activities.
CN7 Friday, May 4 13:15-14:45
Censorship on the Web Session Chair: Liddy Nevile
Discussion Topic:
This Track Plenary is also a major WWW10 panel session. Problems to be considered include: is it possible to censor the web; who has the right to prevent another from seeing material; what is being done in terms of censorship at a personal, organisational or state level; what happens when cultures do not support the same values but their content crosses the borders; and ...
Last Updated: April 20, 2001