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Katsuhiro Mouri
Nagoya City Science Museum / Planetarium /

Mr.Katsuhiro Mouri
Curator, Nagoya City Science Museum , Astronomy section
17-1 sakae 2 chome naka-ku
NAGOYA 460-0008 Japan


Ms.Masako Kitahara
Mr.Masao Suzuki
Dr.Manabu Noda
Nagoya City Science Museum Astronomy section

Dr.Takami Yasuda
Dr.Shigeki Yokoi
Graduate School of Human Informatics Nagoya University

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Science visualization on the web and the planetarium

Katsuhiro MOURI, Masako KITAHARA, Manabu NODA, Masao SUZUKI, (Nagoya City Science Museum), Takami YASUDA, Shigeki YOKOI (Nagoya University)

The authors have been studying the role of 3-dimensional computer graphics (3D CG) for web pages of scientific museums. Since 1993, we have particularly focused on astronomical phenomena to produce 3D CG animation based on scientific or observation data for using on the WEB and the Planetarium. By collaborative works with specialists of several fields such as calculating of orbit of solar-system's body, making computer graphics, and Astronomy education on planetarium, we could produce high quality scientific visualization animation.

In the past, 5 collaborative works were developed as follows,

These works were effectively used for live style explanations on planetarium and special exhibition of Nagoya City Science Museum, web site of Nagoya City Science Museum and Nagoya University, and TV news and science programs around the nation.

We propose a new style of scientific museum on the web by using 3DCG and interactive function by visitors. In addition, we will show the important role of cross field collaborations of specialists for producing meaningful digital contents.


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