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Professor Kathi Martin Director,
Drexel Digital Museum Project
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Drexel Digital Museum Project

The Drexel Digital Museum Project, Historic Costume Collection, is a collaboration between the College of Media Art & Design and the College of Information Science and Technology that uses current technology, traditional design skills and historical perspective to create access and manage the objects which are in the collections of the Drexel Museum, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.The seven thousand objects in the Historic Costume Collection richly illustrate society life from the late1800's to the present time. Some are employed into the teaching collection used for classes in the College of Media Art & Design .

The project’s goals are to provide access to the rich collections of the Drexel Museum via an online, searchable database, to represent them with high quality graphics, from multiple views, and to conserve the existing physical collections. A small sample of objects from the Historic Costume Collection has been digitally photographed and modeled in QuickTime Virtual Reality software to show the objects from all sides. An evolutionary prototype has been created for this museum online and is viewable at

The work of fashion designers, educators, archivists and scholars in the digital age includes the production of visual images, the creation and management of databases and the ability to use advanced network and information technologies to improve access to digital images and information. Over forty students have been involved in the mounting and garment preparation, documentation, image preparation, database and interface design and implementation as part of the project to date. Curriculum and research developed through the project can produce expert managers of digital fashion information, conservation professionals, and quality digital image creators.


PS - I just had an article on the project published in the ACM/IEEE HCI publication, April/May design issue of "Interactions" that may be of interest to some viewers.


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