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Information from the proposer:

Sarah Kenderdine
Creative Producer, Special Projects,
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

1000 years of the Olympic Games: treasures from ancient Greece. Digital reconstruction at the home at the gods.


Virtual reconstruction; ancient Olympia; museum; three dimensions; web site; laser scan; anaglyph glasses; zoomable; panoramic; object movies


This paper results from a recently completed project that augmented an Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney entitled 1000 Years of the Olympic Games: treasures of ancient Greece (July 18 - November 18, 2000). This Exhibition offered an exciting opportunity to supplement the traditional experience of the visitor by the introduction of virtual reality components. These included a 3D digital reconstruction of the archaeological site of Olympia in 200 BC, the laser scan of the famous statue of Zeus from the archaeological museum in Athens, and the construction of a large-scale web ( that delivers these Exhibition components with a host of other information sources and interpretive information.

It is through the web site that we enter the ancient sanctuary of gods of Olympia, witness Zeus the wielder of the thunderbolts, and walk the archaeological site of Olympia as it appears today.

Aspects of this project that have particular relevance to WWW10: Culture Track are those that examine the data capture process (ground survey, laser scan, digital photography), the archaeological basis for reconstruction of Olympia, and the use of 'zoomable' technology to display the extensive photographic resource of object movies and 360 panoramas. Other issues that will be of interest include the questions raised with regard to the presentation of complex archaeological datasets in a digital environment. The project analysis includes discussion on bandwidth intense resources for the education and cultural sector, and what the web site revealed in terms of user statistics, 'stick-ability', and 'slowness'.

This web and associated works has received awards based on the sites combination of rigorous scholarship, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


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