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Information from the proposer:

Most people know of Susan Eng as the Chair of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Board, a position she held from 1991 to 1995. In this role, she tackled head on the sometimes sensitive issues of public accountability, police use of force, anti-racism, fiscal responsibility and the introduction of modern management methods and principles.

Susan initiated major policy and organizational changes within the traditional police environment, overcoming many obstacles and much resistance while under intense media scrutiny. Her ability to build consensus among a diverse board of politicians and appointees made possible the implementation of many ground breaking decisions and facilitated greater community input into the public decision making process.

Prior to her appointment to the Board in May 1989, Susan practised law as a partner in a major Toronto law firm of where she headed up the tax department, focusing on tax planning for domestic and international clients.

Susan was an early appointment to the Ontario Premier's Council, a 34 member council of business, government, academic and labour leaders focusing on high technology, entrepreneurship and international competitiveness and she was a director of the Ontario International Corporation which assists Ontario businesses to pursue export opportunities.

Susan remains committed to ensuring that public institutions fully address the real needs of a modern diverse society and is an active contributor to the community, currently as a member of the Governing Council of the University of Toronto, a director of the YWCA of Greater Toronto, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a director and Vice Chair of the Chinese Community Nursing Home for Greater Toronto and previously with the Urban Alliance on Race Relations and on the national executive of Chinese Canadian National Council.

Susan is a frequent public speaker and media commentator in Canada and internationally, including engagements in Brazil, England and the People’s Republic of China. Always insightful, often controversial, Susan Eng offers a fresh, non-ideological perspective on current affairs. Her appreciation of the need for effective and responsible government, combined with her recognition of the real needs of a modern diverse society make for uniquely thoughtful and inspiring presentations on a wide range of issues.

As a member of the Censorship Panel ...

I expect to be speaking about state censorship, laws and state intrusion into private activities as balanced against the legitimate rights/obligations of the state to protect public safety and individual freedoms.



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