-------Dr. Gerhard Budin---------

Information from the proposer:

Dr. Gerhard Budin
University of Vienna

Keywords: multi_culture, communities

Learning from the past - cross-cultural knowledge management for federated virtual archives for preserving world cultural heritage

Recent results of ongoing projects are presented that aim at developing and employing new methods of knowledge aquisition and knowledge management for creating, using and providing access to digital cultural heritage collections.

Focus is laid on new ways of digitally reconstructing epistemic processes in the history of arts and of the sciences, developing new cultural technology paradigms that integrate cross-cultural management and multilingual communication for preserving local cultural identities in virtual community networks of cultural heritage collections, integrating at the same time multi-disciplinary traditions of meta-data harmonization and interoperability across domains and cultural conventions, developing global content management methods and content markup methods based on multilingual XML- and RDF-based methods (e.g. the SALT project of the EU-HLT-IST sector, or the I-MASS project on building virtual reference rooms for large cultural collections in the EU-IAF_IST sector, and other projects).

In addition concomitant distributed learning initiatives for cultural technologies are discussed that aim at providing these comptetences on a distributed basis.

Discussions should focus on regional and inter-regional cooperation in these areas.



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