Thursday, May 3, morning keynote (9:15-10:00)

Speaker: John Chen
Title: Best Practices in Moving Your Business to the Web

As new generations of technology become available, such as web-based applications available today, managers are faced with the decision of how to invest in new technologies. Specifically, the question facing most managers today is "it is more fiscally prudent to further invest in our existing applications and integration technology or to tear down the existing systems and rebuild from scratch?" Some software suppliers push the "slash and burn" school of moving to the web. We beg to differ. Radical rebuilds are good for infrastructure companies, because they enslave you in a closed platform, but they don't do much for you. That is why successful companies espouse an open platform that adapts to their existing environment. Mr. Chen's keynote will take you through an exercise, using a prototypical large company and evaluate how this company would move their business to the Web using each scenario: building on existing systems versus tearing down and rebuilding.