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The Tenth International World Wide Web Conference

May 1-5, 2001
Hong Kong






Copyright for individual contributions are held by the authors or their employers. Copyright for this CD compilation is held by WWW10 Limited, on behalf of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee. All rights reserved.

Conference Proceedings ISBN 1-58113-348-0
Poster Proceedings ISBN 962-85361-3-3

Refereed papers in WWW10 proceedings will not be published as a whole volume by any journal, such as the arrangement with Elsevier for a few previous WWW conferences. Instead, special issues by various journals are being separately arranged to publish selected WWW10 papers. Since WWW10 paper authors hold the rights to the papers, they are free to submit their papers for journal publication, either independently or through one of the journal arrangements being pursued now. They are expected to follow the policy regarding prior publication by the journals concerned.