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(NOTE: This next article is meant to be humorous. If you're of deep religious convictions, please skip it -- I wouldn't want to cause offense, and certainly none is intended).

More Evil Than Dr. Evil?

From The Search Engine Report
Nov. 1, 1999

So here's the deal -- a post on Memepool back in October noted that if you searched for "more evil than satan himself" on Google, the Microsoft home page was listed first. Oooooooooooh! Tasty Bits from the Technology Front then picked it up, and I seem to recall it getting a mention in some other places. Certainly people must have been talking about it, because now TBTF reports that for a short time, that search was more popular than "sex" at Google.

Of course, the search really doesn't mean anything -- the Microsoft home page also comes up tops for plain old "more evil," so given the way Google works, this just tells us that there's a significant number of people on the web who may use the word "evil" near links to Microsoft on their pages. Or perhaps Google's just plain screwy for this type of search.

But this got me to thinking. If Microsoft is "more evil than satan," then who would Google say is more evil than the arch enemy of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil? It turns out that the most unusual top pick for "more evil than dr. evil" is....Dilbert!

Let's not stop there. Who's "more evil than microsoft," if they are so bad? Turns out, no one -- Microsoft still comes up tops. Congrats, Bill! But look out -- lurking just below is....Netscape? Yep, Netscape (must be that AOL influence!).

With all this evil on the web, perhaps God could use some help fighting it online. In fact, I wondered if Google knew of anything "more powerful than god." The top pick -- Yahoo! Well, anyone who has ever submitted a site to Yahoo could have told you that :)

Seriously, it sounds more like Google's heavy reliance on link popularity causes it to float the web's most popular sites up to the top these relatively non-descript searches.

And by the way...there is a "right" answer to "more evil than satan" that isn't Microsoft. It's apparently part of a riddle: "What is greater than God, more evil than Satan, poor people have it, rich people need it, if you eat it you will die." Want the answer? Then search for "more evil than satan" at....AltaVista!

Tasty Bits from the Technology Front: Second Mention

Here's the report of sex being eclipsed on Google.

Tasty Bits from the Technology Front: First Mention

Memepool Original Post



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By Danny Sullivan
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