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The Culture Track is designed to provide an interesting and informative experience at WWW10 for those whose interests are particular concerned with the use of the WWW to support and extend cultural activities. Participation will include presentation but also active participation in the Culture Track Program, integrated into the main WWW10 Program.

Culture Track Presentation Proposals should be made directly to the Culture Track Program Committee, to be reviewed by that committee. Proposals to the Culture Track PC are due by January 31, 2001. Proposals should follow the form and guidelines (below).

Critical dates

  • Call for proposals for presentations and forums for the Culture Track, to be submitted directly to the Culture Track, are due:
    (Please follow guidelines below.)
- January 31, 2001
  • Invitations to present will be notified to successful proposers:
- February 15, 2001
  • Note: final acceptance of presentations will depend upon confirmed registration of presenters:
- March 15, 2001

Please complete the following form and submit it by January 31, 2001.

Presenter details:

Name and title:

Institution or affiliation:

Email address:

Co-author/presenter details:

  Name and title Institution or affiliation Email address

Indicate which topics are relevant to your proposal:

Digital arts, installations and exhibitions Digitising collections - tools and techniques
Describing resources and collections

Indigenous cultures online

Models for creative and scholarly self-publishing Multi-culturalism and multi-linguality
Virtual institutions including economic models Cultural communities including technical and minority
Government policies and standards  

Proposals should address important, topical issues in the cultural sector and promote active participation in lively debate among respondents and participants. Of particular interest will be presentations that contribute to increasing participation in and the value of the online world for those in the Asia-Pacific Region. Please explain how your proposed presentation will achieve these goals.

Describe subject, length and form of presentation, and any proposed audience participation:



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